Software development is increasingly an exercise in curation and assembly. Architects and developers rely more and more on software repositories to source components instead of building them from scratch. The proliferation of package managers has only accelerated this trend. As this web of interdependency only grows denser, the dividing line between a “piece” of software and the package ecosystem becomes faint and gray.

Our services and automated solutions are designed for this reality. The table below outlines covered software repositories and package repositories for major languages.

Type Name Diligence Services Quality Analysis Dependency Analysis License Analysis
OS/Distribution Apt
OS/Distribution RPM
Language PyPI (Python)
Language Conda-Forge (Python)
Language Maven Central (Java)
Language npm (Node.js)
Language Nuget (C#/.NET)
Language CPAN (Perl)
Language Pear (PHP)
Language Packagist (PHP)
Language CRAN (R)
Language Rubygems (Ruby)
Language Julia
Language Crates (Rust)
Language Gopm
Language OPAM

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