The modern consumer spends nearly half of their day staring at a screen. In today’s world of marketing, this has translated to a dramatic shift from traditional forms of advertising towards “digital” marketing. Over half of the US advertising budget is now spent on digital – including video ads on YouTube, audio ads on Spotify, and page and social media programs like AdWords and Instagram. Outside of the US, digital spend is approaching two-thirds of budgets in many countries. As digital’s domination continues to grow, many new considerations with respect to risk and value have arisen.



Consumers’ attitudes towards targeted advertising varies widely, from privacy fundamentalists who highly value privacy to privacy unconcerned, to whom privacy is not a priority. Many consumers are privacy pragmatists who are willing to give up a degree of privacy in exchange for a realized benefit, such as receiving a discount on a future purchase. Recent headlines have highlighted the importance of maintaining consumers’ trust in a company’s use of their data, and the public backlash when companies fail to protect or appropriately use this information has a significant impact on companies’ reputations and financial standing. With the introduction of regulations like GDPR and CCPA, the risk of insecure or improper data use, storage, and handling takes on additional importance. Our software identifies risks related to data privacy and security, and our team can provide and execute mitigation strategies to reduce your exposure.


Non-compliance with regulations comes at a steep cost. Failure to abide by CAN-SPAM rules can result in fines of up to $42,530 per violation; even if you know what’s required when sending commercial emails, does your company have the appropriate policies, procedures, and systems in place to ensure compliance? Our training, monitoring, and mitigation solutions help you become and stay compliant.


In today’s world, data is incredibly valuable. Acquisitions of unprofitable companies that hold significant customer data shows that acquirers are willing to pay for information.’s proprietary software allows you to fully capture the value of your data by verifying that your marketing data, databases, and software are compliant with regulations and contractual obligations.


We will work with your company to create a solution based on your needs. Below is a sample of offerings for marketing companies or departments:

  • Are you marketing a regulated product? We can help you chart a course to higher growth by navigating data policies, software specifications, or regulatory requirements.
  • Are your marketing and technology teams aware of relevant regulatory changes? Do your developers know if your company is subject to the CCPA and how that impacts how and what information can be collected from California residents? We offer training in areas that impact the marketing industry, including privacy laws and information security.

  • Are you looking for a tailored advertising source that meets NAI Code of Conduct guidelines? Let us support your diligence efforts by identifying risks related to information security and data compliance.

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