As enterprise value becomes increasingly tied to technology and data, so too does the economy’s deal flow. Even “old-fashioned” sectors are seeing upstart entrants enter, succeed, and, sometimes, exit – often in industry-leading positions. While this presents a seismic opportunity for returns, it also means that traditional approaches to diligence need updating.

Our technology and services are a perfect fit throughout the lifecycle of private equity portfolios. You might be launching a new fund and looking to deploy capital into new opportunities; if so, our diligence and advisory services can help you identify and quantify risks related to software and data licensing, information security, code quality, architecture, and privacy compliance.

Instead, you might be looking to create combinations and drive synergies; our software and data decomposition and valuation services can help you quickly piece the value puzzle together.

Next, you might want to monitor and mitigate risks in your portfolio companies on an ongoing basis; our training and monitoring programs are exactly what you need.

Finally, you’ll hopefully be preparing your portfolio companies for liquidity; our team can support your pre-diligence and diligence efforts to maximize return for you and your investors.


We will work with your company to create a solution based on your needs. Below is a sample of popular assessments of companies, data, and software, with downloadable information sheets:

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