Few industries are as poised to create such change in the human condition as the “Internet of Things.” Whether viewed through the lens of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories or from the perspective of the connected and interconnected Smart Home, it’s clear that the future has arrived. And just as with the prior rapid paradigm shifts, the pace of change has outstripped the pace of understanding for most organizations and governments.

If you build or sell IoT hardware, software, or solutions, consider how you’re maximizing your enterprise value and minimizing your risk. Do you need assistance understanding and penetrating regulated industries to grow your sales? Would you like to ensure that your developers are properly trained in best practices regarding licensing and privacy compliance? Maybe you’re preparing to sell your company or intellectual property, and you’d like a pre-diligence audit and a strategic advisor.

If you procure IoT services or are acquiring an IoT business or its assets, you have even more reason to bring data and expertise to the table. Our diligence support services can identify and quantify risks in a wide range of platforms, from custom-built UAVs and medical devices to Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos. Furthermore, many IoT businesses and their commercial strategies rely on the aggregation and monetization of data, whether through resale or analytics. These “data science” activities raise a range of contractual and privacy issues requiring proper review.

Regardless of your role in the industry and what you call it, our team has been working with connected, embedded systems for over 15 years. We understand the multitude of opportunities and risks related to software, hardware, and data businesses generally, as well as the issues that arise in contexts like wearables, hospitals, automotive, or sensitive manufacturing environments.


We will work with your company to create a solution based on your needs. Below is a sample of services tailored to IoT products and companies:

  • Are your developers and product managers aware of potential pitfalls in licensing and compliance? We offer training courses in topics like open source licensing, privacy laws, and information security.
  • Are you acquiring an IoT business or its assets? Let us support your diligence efforts by identifying risks related to information security, licensing, software quality, or data compliance.

  • Are you looking to expand into a regulated or sensitive market but don’t know how to adapt or audit your offerings? We can help you chart a course to higher growth by navigating changes in software, data policies, or regulatory requirements.

  • Are you selling your IoT business or assets? Our team can help you maximize your deal value through pre-diligence risk identification and mitigation services, as well as strategic deal advisory support.

Let us know how we can help.

Whether you’re looking for more information about one of our products or need to talk about custom services, don’t be afraid to ask.