When it comes to scrutiny over privacy, the healthcare industry knows a thing or two. No other industry is under such constant scrutiny with respect to sensitive information, whether from regulators, consumers, or malefactors. Protected health information is incredibly valuable: to the individual – a record of their (literal) innerworkings, to the healthcare entity – a cornerstone of their business, and to the bad actor – a goldmine. With record fines levied against healthcare entities in recent years, the importance of regulatory compliance cannot be overstated. Stolen PHI garners the highest price for any data sold on the dark web – more than $350 per record, and with the healthcare industry consistently being the most-targeted industry, there’s a lot of financial incentive to protect PHI.

When it comes to securing this data, it’s essential to ensure that the software, hardware, and other systems used to create, maintain, store, access, process, or transmit PHI are fit for the task. Perhaps under HIPAA you were not a business associate, but with the passage of HITECH you now find yourself subject to the significant security and privacy considerations associated with HIPAA. Our software allows for secure scanning of your software and databases to identify data associated with various regulations.

Given that healthcare data protection requirements vary depending on the use and source of the data, do your systems allow for effective and accurate differentiation? Whether you’re considering a potential new software or service provider or looking to assess your own internal systems, our team can provide critical risk assessment and implement mitigation strategies.

Do you know what to do if your salespeople sign a contract with a customer in a new state? If you’re suddenly subject to the California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act, do you have a way of identifying “individually identifiable” information under the CMIA? We can advise your business on how to identify risks and implement action throughout the organization, from IT to legal to development.


Do your product managers stay up-to-date on regulatory changes? Do your developers know if your company is subject to the Security Rule under HIPAA and how that impacts their programming? We offer training in areas that impact those in the healthcare industry, including privacy laws and information security.


Are you in the market for a healthcare data management system or looking to acquire a healthcare tech startup? Let us support your diligence efforts by identifying risks related to information security, software quality, or data compliance.


Are you going to market? We can help you chart a course to higher growth by navigating changes in software, data policies, or regulatory requirements.


We will work with your company to create a solution based on your needs. Below is a sample of popular assessments for healthcare-related software, devices, and companies, with downloadable information sheets:

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