Acquiring a software company or its software and data assets can allow your business to bolster existing services and products. However, it’s important to accurately determine the value of an acquisition.

A company may look like a desirable acquisition on paper, but if their software exposes you to significant liabilities, you may end up losing enterprise value despite gaining IP or revenue.

Creating value in practice, not just theory.

Without accurate risk assessment, you may discover too late that the value of the sale is eclipsed by potential liabilities of previously undiscovered issues. Our software diligence ensures that you value the deal based on the actual risk and value of the source code.

Better information, faster.

The diligence process in the M&A space ultimately asks the question: does this acquisition create value?

Our tech-enabled process allows us to more quickly and thoroughly determine how much a potential target adds value or introduces risk.

Technical expertise, real world experience.

Adding to your team of trusted advisors before and during an acquisition helps you capture value and reduce time to close. Even seasoned legal counsel may stumble once the diligence turns to information security, open source software, and software maintenance.

The technical knowledge and M&A experience that we bring can identify and solve commercial and compliance issues specific to the purchase of software and data or their holding companies.

Our goal is to capture value in the acquisition and free up your time to focus on more important issues and negotiations.

Our team has decades of experience in technology and M&A, having built, bought, sold, or advised on dozens of software and data companies deals. Regardless of whether you’re buying a company in another jurisdiction or entering into a marketing partnership, we can help. Our business experience combined with the knowledge of the intricacies of software and data allows us to be your translator and guide as you, your counsel, and your counterparty explore the deal landscape.

Let us know how we can help.

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