It’s practically guaranteed that there is open source software or code within a vehicle.

If you don’t know how the software or code is licensed, you risk exposing your business to litigation and loss of IP or enterprise value. Our open source database contains nearly 9 million licenses, allowing our software to identify incompatible license usage.

And vulnerabilities? Our static and dynamic review detects known vulnerabilities in open source components.

The growth of autonomous, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) vehicles has led to significant changes in the automotive industry with respect to software and data. Even “traditional” vehicles are now equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that have implications for data and software risk management.

With this significant new source of revenue in the automotive industry, it’s important for those who are poised to take advantage of this to be aware of the related requirements that arise through both self-regulation and government.

Our software identifies vulnerabilities and practices that could expose automakers to significant risk. With our data privacy maturity assessment, we pinpoint weak areas and provide actionable solutions. A mature data protection program is a strong defense against the risks inherent to collecting and processing data.

$450-750 billion in vehicle data monetization.

Technology Diligence

Technology Diligence

Our diligencing platform highlights high-risk software, data, and infrastructure. Don’t let your acquisition become a liability.

Privacy Maturity Assessment

Privacy Diligence

With numerous automakers pledging to meet or exceed the Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s Privacy Principles, firms are held to these standards.

Is your data protection program mature?

Open Source Diligence

Open Source Diligence

Practically all software utilizes open source code. We make sure it’s properly licensed, maintained, and sustainable. Most importantly, we make sure it’s free of vulnerabilities.

Machine Learning Model Assessment

Machine Learning Model Assessment

Machine learning has the potential to create – or destroy – tremendous value.

In the case of vehicles, it can literally be a matter of life or death.

Let’s get this assessment on the road!

IP Ownership

IP Ownership

We review the source code history and design materials to ensure that intellectual property ownership has been properly established.

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