Compliance isn’t a “one and done” item to check off of a to-do list: with changes in written software code, regulations, and contractual obligations, maintaining compliance is an ongoing concern for anyone who is invested in data management or software development. Monitoring services provide real-time feedback on potential issues in your software and data. By identifying risks and issues in data and code as they emerge, proactive action can be taken to ensure strong, compliant work.


As a builder, you’re well aware of how much easier it is to fix an issue while you’re working on it than it is to go back and fix a problem down the road. monitoring includes tracking of both source code and running applications to ensure that you’re alerted of any issues as soon as they arise. For example, we can automatically monitor database schemas to determine whether software or products trigger compliance requirements like GDPR or CCPA. This monitoring also sets you up for reduced due diligence expenses and duration in the event of a future sale, as you will be able to easily provide records that show compliant development and data management over time.


Updates used to be quarterly or annual events. Today, many companies release their software and database changes into production daily – or even more frequently! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the policy you issued is still accurate in such a rapidly-changing world? monitoring solutions ensure that you’re aware of any increases to risk based on changes to the software or data. As a bonus, you can incentivize insureds to embrace this monitoring by offering “safe software” discounts, similar to the oft-touted “safe driving” discounts for auto insurance.

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