CEO Among First Certified AI Auditors

MICHIGAN, APRIL 1, 2021At, interdisciplinary experience and cross-disciplinary collaboration are fundamental values. We not only strive to build a team with a diversity of professional experiences, but also encourage and support all team members on their journey for interdisciplinary education.

This spirit of ongoing education and expanding horizons begins at the top. We are therefore pleased to announce that our CEO, Jillian Bommarito, has recently been certified as one of the world’s first ForHumanity Certified Auditors.

The ForHumanity organization is “a mission-driven 501(c)3 registered Public Charity […] developing Independent Audit of AI Systems [IAAIS] through a crowd-sourced, iterated and collaborative process.” Like the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria (TSC) or ISO standards, ForHumanity’s IAAIS provides a framework for “building an infrastructure of trust into all artificial intelligence and autonomous systems which impact humans in the areas of Ethics, Bias, Privacy, Trust, and Cybersecurity.”

As one of the first Certified Auditors, Jillian is preeminently qualified to help organizations build and communicate trust with their internal and external stakeholders around their AI Systems.

In addition to providing services related to the design, implementation, and documentation of their commitment to these AI standards, Jillian also serves as Board Member or outsourced Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for organizations with data science, machine learning, FinTech, and privacy considerations.

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