Diligencer Platform Rebrands to Dilligencer™ to Keep You Out of a Pickle

MICHIGAN, APRIL 27, 2021 – is pleased to announce that the Licensio Diligencer Platform has been rebranded as Dilligencer™. Dilligencer will continue to reflect the vision of an automated, data-driven approach to the diligence of technology assets so that we can keep you out of a pickle.

Dilligencer is the only platform that combines traditional technology diligence capabilities with a data science platform and proprietary data on software, data, and financial assets. Like low-code or data science platforms in other domains, Dilligencer can allow skilled analysts to review more material, more accurately, on a shorter timeline – and support that analysis with “market” data on software engineering quality, information security, and financial performance.

Dilligencer supports retrieving, indexing, analyzing, and archiving a variety of technology assets, including source control repositories, downloadable applications, multimedia, databases, machine learning models, and websites. Diligencer supports the complete lifecycle of technology due diligence – deeper, broader, and faster than most organizations typically conduct.

“Rebranding our Diligence Platform this way reflects not just our commitment to puns and dad-jokes, but also our longer-term vision for Dilligencer as a disruptive tool for technology diligence,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Jillian Bommarito. “No matter how you slice and dice the status quo today, it’s clear that bread-and-butter diligence processes have left many funders and acquirers sour and salty after the fact. We want to create a world where cucumbersome diligence of old is no longer kosher.”

The secret brine behind Dilligencer’s zing is data collected from technical and financial sources. This data allows us to identify risks and assess the value of software, data, or financial performance relative to market, industry, or geographic benchmarks.

In addition to traditional software diligence activities like license compliance and information security assessment, Dilligencer can help answer questions like:

  • How much of this application is proprietary to the company or from open source?
  • How much would it cost to rebuild this application or machine learning model?
  • How much counterparty risk related to third-party software is in this application?
  • How common and maintainable is this application?
  • Does this data model or database reflect the stated data strategy?
  • How much app usage or interaction is actually reflected by server data?
  • Does this cloud architecture reflect best practices related to scaling and security?
  • Does this data model or database contain risk related to GDPR, CCPA, or another privacy or data protection regulation?
  • How do these usage or interaction metrics compare to geographic or industry benchmarks?
  • How does this company’s customer lifetime value (CLV) compare to other benchmarks?
  • At what multiple have other similar software or data companies raised or exited?

Don’t go into your next dill brined. Learn more about Dilligencer™ at