“An opportunity well taken is the only weapon of advantage.”

– John Udale


When most people talk about “buying” software or data, they typically mean licensing pre-written computer software or entering into a subscription agreement for “cloud” services. In these cases, they are certainly buying the right to use or get something, but there is an entirely different class of “buyers” – those who actually have, in part or in whole, an interest in a software or data company or its assets.

When we say “Buyer,” we take this broader view, encompassing anyone who might:

  • Use “commercial” pre-written computer software such as Microsoft Windows or Oracle Database
  • Use “open source” pre-written computer software such as the Linux kernel or Kubernetes
    “Subscribe” to a cloud service like Google Apps or Salesforce
  • Use a data source or API like Wikipedia or ArcGIS
    “Whitelabel” or joint-venture with a technology company partner
  • Finance a company developing or owning software or data, either through debt or equity
  • Purchase the assets or equity of a company developing or owning software or data

For example, your organization or your role might sound like:


An organization whose business activities involve a smart phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic device – so, yes, practically every company


  • Venture capital (VC) firm
  • Private equity (PE) firm
  • Bank that invests in or lends to a technology company


An acquiring company or shareholder who acquires the equity or assets of a technology company

Sum it up!

In a nutshell, Builders create digital or physical objects or deliver services, but almost never in a vacuum; typically, their work incorporates the work of others directly or could potentially infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. There are many ways that builders interact with these risks on a daily basis, and we help identify, assess, and manage all of these risks.



As with Builders, Buyers will ideally minimize unnecessary risk; however, identifying most risks is a time-consuming and technical job that requires manpower and knowledge to perform. While many “technology-using” companies have purchasing or vendor management departments, these teams are often focused on other, better-understood risks and opportunities like insurance and payment terms. For these organizations, we focus on enabling the vendor, purchasing, and compliance teams with enhanced tools, such as checklists, recommended terms, “known-good” software and data lists, and automated review tools.


As for “technology-buying” companies and investors, many lack the tools, data, and time to perform complete audits and due diligence. As a result, we focus on enabling them to get to – or avoid – closing as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Most other tools and teams in the space provide surface-level analysis and reports based on conveniently-accessible data, resulting in a simple list of issues. Our comprehensive methodology and curated data highlights the actual risks inherent in your target, producing a complete view of risk scored according to impact and mitigation cost.


Rushed or incomplete due diligence may lead to the discovery of issues only after the completion of a deal. We offer custom software and data solutions to discover, correct, and mitigate errors and the associated risks.


We will work with your company to create a solution based on your needs. Below is a sample of popular assessments for buyers, with downloadable information sheets:

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