“An opportunity well taken is the only weapon of advantage.”

– John Udale


When most people talk about “buying” software or data, they typically mean licensing pre-written computer software or entering into a subscription agreement for “cloud” services. In these cases, they are certainly buying the right to use or get something, but there is an entirely different class of “buyers” – those who actually have, in part or in whole, an interest in a software or data company or its assets.

When we say “Buyer,” we take this broader view, encompassing anyone who might:

  • Use “commercial” pre-written computer software such as Microsoft Windows or Oracle Database
  • Use “open source” pre-written computer software such as the Linux kernel or Kubernetes
    “Subscribe” to a cloud service like Google Apps or Salesforce
  • Use a data source or API like Wikipedia or ArcGIS
    “Whitelabel” or joint-venture with a technology company partner
  • Finance a company developing or owning software or data, either through debt or equity
  • Purchase the assets or equity of a company developing or owning software or data

For example, your organization or your role might sound like:


An organization whose business activities involve a smart phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic device – so, yes, practically every company